Maintaining a centered position when carving

Once you feel balanced whilst carving the skis on edge it is important to continue to focus on being centered on the skis in the fore and aft plane. It is important to always try to be in a centered stance throughout the whole turn. Better edge skills will result in higher speeds throughout the turn, which means it is easier to get caught off balance and too far back on the skis. Some people however end up too far forward!

Begin on a gentle slope and increase the pitch, as you feel more confident.  Combine feeling centered in the middle of the foot with lateral movements. The higher the speed, the more the skier can move inside the turn.

One way to practice being centered is to, whilst skiing on a wide slope, fully extend between the turns and find the middle of the ski and foot. The edge angle will increase through the turn while the skier tries to remain centered over the middle of the foot.
The skier then flattens the skis between the turns with a full extension movement and continues the exercise.  When you are feeling more confident try to edge earlier in the turn, whilst still remaining centered over the whole foot.

The next step is to move directly from edge to edge.  You can practice this in quicker turns, trying to move directly from one set of edges to the other.  Don’t forget that you need to be slightly flexed in the ankle, knee and hip joint while keeping your feet about hip width.

It is always good to go back to easier terrain to practice and to make sure that we stand and move properly on our skis.