• Carving

    Improve your Carving technique – 3-day training program

    We welcome you to this 3-day training program put together in order for you to improve your carving skills. The program is based on three hours of theory and three hours of on slope training. In order to assimilate the program you need to be able to ski a blue run with high speed without feeling insecure. If you think, "this is not for me" since you mainly ski the black diamond runs, take the time to analyze and ask yourself if you still could not improve your skiing just a little bit.

    We are confident that if you take the time to implement the following program you will experience increased control and get much more out of your skiing. The program is based on instruction, instructional videos and practical exercises. Taking time to look at and understand the movies we refer to in the text below will provide you the best results.

    You can easily bring all the movies and instructions with you out to the slopes on your smartphone or tablet/pad. To get access to all the movies you need to be a paying member on Slopepro.com. You find more information about membership and prices HERE...

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