• Training Programs

    We have put together a number of training programs to facilitate for you when working your way through the videos and instructions on Slopepro. The programs are based on a combination of theoretical information on technique and movements and the joining exercises for the slopes. The programs consist of text, videos and images to make them simple and clear. The length of the programs may vary. The programs are put together based on a progression that will give you a quick and easy route to improvement. At the same time we'd like to point out that all skiers have different prerequisites with regards to physical condition, equipment, previous experience, mental preparation and strength. We therefore advice you to see these programs as a general guide that you can adapt them to match your own unique prerequisites.

    In the right menu you will find a link to each training program.
    Click on the picture in each box and proceed to each unique program, its content info and movie-links.

    Remember that practice makes perfect. All programs and related videos can be read and seen on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet/pad.

    Good luck with your training!



  • Steep Skiing
  • Timing & Balance
  • Carving
  • Offpiste
  • Packed Snow