• Safety

    Skier Rules

    Be alert – show respect!
    Behave so you do not risk injuring someone else.

    Adjust the speed!
    And your skiing to the terrain, equipment, weather and your own skills.

    Choose the correct direction of travel!
    If you're coming from above you need to give way to (slower) skiers in front of you.

    Pass other skiers with a wide enough margin!
    Keep as much distance to the skier you overtake that he/she has enough space.

    Start gently!
    Check carefully both upwards and downwards, to make sure you're free to go before you start skiing.

    Only stop where you can be seen!
    If you have to stop – do it where you are clearly visible and where others can overtake you safely.
    If you fall – leave the slope free as soon as possible.


    Walk up on the side of the ski slope!

     Especially in poor visibility.

    Follow the signs!
    Rules and regulations on the slopes are for you and others' safety. Follow them!

    Help out!
    You have to help and assist in case of an accident.

    Provide your name and address!
    If you are involved in an accident you need to state your name and address.

    Anyone who violates these rules may be held responsible for this.

    Source: SLAO