• Development Guide Level 1

    In this step you select which of the following headlines that best fits what you want to train or learn more about.

    We have chosenSplitting a skier's according to how it generally tend to look like. We have divided the films based on balance, edge, turn and forcethat is basic technical conditions for a functional skiing. Under each heading you will also find videos of exercises that you can use inyour training. (The various films are as thumbnails to the right of the video player), you can easily clicking through the menu above ...

  • Basic Position

    In order to obtain good balance and prepare for the movements required to ski it's important that you stand correctly on your skis. The Basic Position applies to both beginners and experienced skiers. We therefore advise everybody to look through these movies. Proceed to the movies HERE.

  • Wedge/Snow-plough

    Seeing that a steady balance usually isn't yet aquired when just beginning, it may be advantageous to push your skis apart to get a wider stance and larger support area (see Technology & Mechanics). Snow-ploughing will also provide you the ability to slow down. If you have not yet skied before, have a look at these movies. Proceed to the movies HERE.

  • Wedge Turn

    Once your balance improves a little and you start acquiring the sense of how to determinedly slow down, you should start practicing turning. The wedge cristies/snow-plough turns make for an easy way to start turning while maintaining the balance and speed control that the steadier wedge stance provides. Proceed to the movies HERE.

  • Wedge Christy

    Once you begin to master turning the skis in the wedge/snow-plough stance, it's time to start working up your balance side to side through practicing stem turns. Stem turning is a great way to excercise the technique that eventually will result in perfectly parallel skis. Proceed to the movies HERE.

  • Rounded Turns

    When you're sking with your skis parallel there are two ways to control your speed. Either you can skid, or you can turn more or less. Through practicing your sensation and feel for making round turns your skiing will get more relaxed and with a better drive throughout the turn. Proceed to the movies HERE.

  • Speed Control

    To proceed onto steeper slopes, it is important that you learn to control your speed through turning. In this menu's movies, we explain the technique for this. You'll also get a few tips and hints on how to get a feel for the speed control. Proceed to the movies HERE.

  • Parallel Turn

    By now your balance is getting really good and you've grown accustomed to speed. Instead of using a wedge/snow plough to slow down you've started brake your speed through turning, skidding and possibly also "hockey-stop". Even if you already master skiing with your skis parallel you should look through these videos for tips on the underlying foundational technology. Proceed to the movies HERE.