• Off-piste

    In our off-piste section, we've chosen to distribute the technology instructions over three levels. When you go skiing off-piste, you're expected to already have a good sense for and ability of the basic technology for skiing in groomed terrain. So if you're interested in trying off-piste skiing but not already an experienced skier on the slopes we suggest you to follow the link below and start with the instructions available under the heading SKIING


  • Levels

    We have chosen to divide our instructions for off-piste into three levels since we believe you already have the basic skills as a skier. It is also to facilitate finding the instructions that will suit you the best. Note that even if you're already an experienced off-piste skier you will still find good basic knowledge under level one and two. Levels we also advice you return to every now and then in order to find the necessary training of basic techniques.

    You should always think about the safety when skiing off-piste. Always go in the company of a trained guide who knows the terrain and can read the snow. You'll find more info on avalanche and snow safety HERE...