• Ski Boots

    What you need to know about ski boots. You will definitely not enjoy skiing if you have pain in your feet, or if your boots are too big, too hard, too soft, or with the wrong forward lean angle. Your boots are the key to your performance on the slopes. Good quality boots can help you compensate for your body's position over your skis.  But some people need further adaptation of their boots to compensate (if one is severely bowlegged, for example, or have other extraordinary physical conditions). A boot that is centered and balanced in the middle of the ski in relation to your body is also important for being able to edge the skis correctly.

    Boots on the market are built for different feet. Some are for narrow feet and some for wider. You also need to adjust the boot if you have extremely high or low arch. It's especially important that the boot locks your heel in tight and firm. No matter what your feet look like we recommend you to use the advice and help from a boot fitter. Most ski stores generally have a boot fitter.