• Ski Equipment

    The right equipment will help you evolve as a skier, both on piste, off-piste and in the park. Whether you decide to rent your equipment or you intend to buy it, it's important that each piece is tailored to you and your specific conditions. Depending on your height, your weight, level as a skier and your fitness level, it's important that all pieces of the equipment adapt to your individual prerequisites.

    There's also a safety precaution in having the right equipment. With boots tailored to your feet and bindings that will release when supposed to, you minimize your exposure to serious injury. Safety equipment such as helmets and back protector should fit your body and your head properly in order to fully protect you.

    In the categories to the right you will find the most important parts of your equipment. Each category leads on to extensive sections under each heading respectively. You will find all the information you need on poles, skis, boots, helmets etc.

    Keep in mind the importance of also taking good care of your equipment. With the right tools, tailored to you and your skiing, you'll find it easier to evolve and you will also feel more comfortable.

    We hope that this little guide will help you find the right equipment. If you are still uncertain as to what to get, we recommend you to visit a qualified store to get professional help with any questions you might have.  

    Good luck!


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